An Industry Leader creating better communities since 1955

The Monarch Investments Group of Companies (Monarch) is one of Australia’s largest and most successful private land developers, responsible for creating some of eastern Australia’s finest residential lifestyle Estates. To this day Monarch remains a family owned and run business.

Many people ask what makes Monarch so successful. The answer is that they listen to what people want and need. They have earned a reputation for being in the right place at the right time and this has resulted in them securing the best land in many areas.

The proven ability of Monarch to deliver successful developments is an industry benchmark

These successes are largely due to Monarch’s ability to move quickly and decisively, enabling them to create superior living environments ahead of industry expectations.

Monarch sets new standards of development with their master planned communities. Their stringent quality control process dictates the purchase of raw land, ensures thorough planning and design processes, oversees the final stages of construction of roads and services and leads to the ultimate marketing of the property.

Monarch: creating meticulously planned, professionally executed, residential and rural lifestyle developments for a better future.

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